That’s Where the Money is . . .

When the notorious bank robber Willie Sutton was asked “Why do you rob banks?” he allegedly responded “That’s where the money is!”  Today, the money is in the baby boomer & older customer markets.  Baby boomer and older customers (born before 1965) are the wealthiest, best educated and most sophisticated of purchasers.  And, they are The New Customer Majority.  Marketing approaches must create more motivating communications to better capture and keep these potential and current customers.

Our Minds Work Differently

With the adult median age in the mid-40s and continuing to rise, pressure is building on marketing and sales to learn how to better meet the needs of, and communicate to, a dominantly older customer population.  Progress in this direction must be founded in the recognition that young, middle-aged and old brains and minds all work differently.

Though we don’t notice it happening — any more than a child notices that he has grown an inch taller during the summer — changes take place across our full life span in how information is processed by our brains (which process information sent to it by the five senses) and the mind (where thinking takes place).  How a 30-year-old mind processes the contents of a commercial, print ad or direct mail piece

In Marketing & Sales – It’s Not What Baby Boomer and Older Customers Think That’s Important – It’s How They Think That’s Important

The whole business of marketing, sales and public relations is about getting information into people’s brains and persuading their minds to buy or do something.  The older we become the more emotional reactions determine if we should think about a matter.  Emotional triggers in the brain activate memories and the stronger the memory – the stronger the emotional response.  Marketing and sales must integrate both empathy and vulnerability into marketing messages.  These two attributes are necessary to build trust, and are essential to optimal results in marketing and sales communications.


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