Talk to Our Customers? Are You Crazy?

Almost every company has something about customer focus in its mission statement.  Trouble is, the larger the organization, the more executives tend to insulate themselves from customers.  Some rely on customer-satisfaction surveys and focus groups.  Others simply assume that customers are just like them.

No, they’re not, says Ian Wylie the author of the attached article.  And the problem with thinking they are is that companies end up creating products and processes that suit them, not their customers.  “You need,” he says, “to go out and talk to customers to find out what they want.”  This guidance is even more fitting if you customers are 40 years of age and older.  As we age, the purchase experience becomes more important to us and can make or break a sale.  What are your customers experiencing?

PDF link: Talk to Our Customers? Are You Crazy?

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