Social Media

sb-socialSocial media is an essential component of any 21st-century digital public relations program. With more than 800 million active users on Facebook and Twitter—a large proportion representing older demographics—companies need to have a social media handle in order to compete with other online organizations.

Perhaps even more importantly, social media allows companies to promote their products and services in a way that yields long-term results. That’s because instead of a traditional advertisement, social media allows you to actively engage and interact with your audience. In terms of Baby Boomers and seniors, this extra attempt to make a personal connection (a relationship) is one they feel very strongly about, and one-time customers can quickly transform into long-term friends.

Social Media the Baby Boomer and Senior Marketing Way

While few online advertising companies ignore the value of social media, Coming of Age goes one-step further. We know that a good marketing campaign takes into account the way social media fits in with other, more traditional marketing efforts creating marketing plans that make the most out of your opportunities to engage consumers online.

Our comprehensive approach to social media marketing means that we will help you:

  • Build and manage your participation on key social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and more)
  • Engage in a dialogue with your audience and steer the conversation to your advantage
  • Promote visibility and the potential for viral ad campaigns
  • Directly target senior customers in ways that are familiar to them
  • Maintain social media platforms for ongoing success

Social Media for Today and Tomorrow

Coming of AgeAs a new channel for marketers, social media provides exciting opportunities as well as a number of challenges for marketers—challenges that we are happy to take on for you. Through a combination of digital public relations, direct marketing and SEO, social media marketing at Coming of Age helps you reach your customers through their preferred platform.

Because we include our Ageless Marketing approach in all aspects of social media for Baby Boomers and seniors, we ensure that your message hits your target market where it matters most. You can not only engage your customer base, but you can encourage them to spread your message for you. And that’s where true social media marketing success begins.

Let us show you how we can help you to improve your success in Baby Boomer and older customer markets. If you provide some brief information below, we’ll get in touch with you promptly to discuss.

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