Media Planning & Buying

Our extensive experience enables us to bring large agency media skills to clients with limited budgets. Each of Coming of Age’s media professionals has extensive media training and several years of experience with major advertising agencies. Our commitment to making media expenditures more realistic for our clients includes purchasing all media at the net rate (no commission to agency) and charging clients based on estimated fees to plan and execute media buys.

Media Planning

The marketing process drives media planning. Coming of Age places emphasis on media impact, effective frequency, how much information is to be conveyed, and a thorough analysis of media options based on their ability to generate response and meet the client’s needs. Our Chicago-area location allows the media team to work with some of the largest and most knowledgeable media representative firms. This provides us the opportunity to attend regularly program screenings, discuss programming and estimated ratings with large network advertisers, have access to the most in-depth media research sources and, therefore, better evaluate media vehicles by cost, program ratings and opportunity to deliver media impact.

Media Buying

We evaluate each media vehicle for our clients in terms of its ability to generate results. The media and creative departments work together to ensure that the print ad size selected provides the right balance between cost, page dominance and readability. The media, production and traffic departments work together to ensure timely and accurate insertions of the ads.

We routinely access the following media resources to assist in the media placement process: Quality, Tapscan, Media audits, ARB (Arbitron Rating Service), Nielsen, Scarborough and Squad. Beyond this, our media team has planned and placed media for major national advertisers network buys and in numerous spot markets across the country.

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