50+ Marketing and Advertising Consulting Services

sb-consultingSince its inception, Coming of Age has had one express purpose: to help our clients capture and keep baby boomer and senior customers.

As a company, we are constantly growing and evolving to meet the needs of a marketplace that rarely stays in one place for long. Whether it’s discovering innovations in social media marketing or finding new ways to reach consumers who still hold fast to the advertising traditions of the past, we’ve made it our goal to bridge the gap between today and tomorrow to help your business succeed.

Through every change and development, however, our core has remained intact—and the key to that core is marketing and advertising consulting and collaboration services, our flagship service.

Coming of Age: 50+ Marketing & Advertising Tips from the Experts

Our team of marketing consultants is composed of subject matter experts, problem solvers and creative professionals experienced and skilled in interactive marketing. Whether developing a full marketing campaign or augmenting your staff in areas of needs, we specialize in offering marketing consulting services designed to meet the demands of today’s baby boomer and senior shoppers.

In the online and traditional markets, effective sales and advertising require a deep understanding of your business culture, products, services, customer needs and customer purchase motivators. Because we specialize in marketing and advertising to baby boomers and seniors, we have most of those covered already. From there, we are able to work with your existing team to develop a marketing strategy that takes your unique business dynamic into account—thereby fusing our expertise with yours.

Reaching Baby Boomers and Seniors in a Saturated Market

One way we differ from traditional marketing consulting and collaboration providers is that we understand that the way people process information—including sales pitches—is fairly universal …as long as you take age into consideration. Through extensive research and development, we have discovered that the way the baby boomer and senior populations relate to media is different from younger generations.

In this case, different doesn’t mean worse. By understanding the nature of your customers’ purchase motivators and values, we are able to design marketing communications that arouse their deepest and most compelling motivators. We help you create messages that have the best chance of generating customer interest and converting that interest into a purchase or other desired action.

More importantly, we then put those messages in your consumers’ hands. Working hand in hand with your traditional marketing, specialty online platforms and website development, we find ways to disseminate your information—and to make that information work for you long after you close shop for the night.

Let us show you how we can help you to improve your success in baby boomer and older customer markets. If you provide some brief information below, we’ll get in touch with you promptly to discuss.

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