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Lori Bitter provides strategic consulting, research and development for companies seeking to engage with mature consumers at The Business of Aging. She serves as publisher of GRAND – the digital magazine for grandparents. Her book, “The Grandparent Economy” is now available at Paramount Market Publishing or on Amazon.com.

Lori is the former president of Continuum Crew and Crew Media, owner of Eons.com. She was president of J. Walter Thompson’s Boomer division, JWT BOOM, the nation’s leading mature market advertising and marketing company and led that firm’s annual Boomer marketing event for five years. Prior to that she led client service for Age Wave Impact. Lori has more than 30 years of advertising, public relations and strategic planning experience.

She is the contributor to five books on aging consumers, and is a leader in research on topics relevant to the senior and boomer population. Lori was recently featured on American Marketing Association’s blog, in the Los Angeles Times, on CNBC, Forbes magazine and named to Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 to Watch List. She holds a MS in Advertising, and is a former Associate Professor of Advertising and Public Relations.

A sought-after speaker, Lori has presented research, trends and analysis about mature consumers and the longevity marketplace to more than 200 conferences and events in the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe. This includes: Booz Allen, Consumer Electronics Show – Silvers Summit, The Macquarie Speaker Series (OATS NY), Educational Travel Conference (ETC), American Advertising Federation (AAF), Healthcare Unbound, National Retail Federation, Outdoor Industry Association (OIA), National Association of Recording Merchandisers (NARM), Marketing to Women Conference (M2W), White House Council on Aging State Meetings, National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), Gerontological Society of America (GSA), American Society on Aging (ASA), What’s Next Boomer Summit, Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit, Beyond the Numbers Summit, LiveWire – The Conference, Oticon, Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA), AARP, International Mature Market Network (IMMN), AgeTek, California Assisted Living Association (CALA), Leading Age, Pacific Coast Builders Conference (PCBC), North State Builders Industry Association (BIA), United Methodist Church Foundation and more.

She has served as a judge and panelist for numerous award and business competitions, including the American Advertising Federation (AAF) and the North American Effie awards.

Selected Programs:

The Grandparent Economy

Grandparenting is the most emotionally driven lifestage for mature consumers and the most financially lucrative for businesses. As Baby Boomers navigate this lifestage, the role and expectations of grandparents are evolving, spending patterns are shifting and the foundation of the family structure is changing. See how the paradigm has shifted, changed, where money is going, and what Boomers are sacrificing to stabilize their families.

Understand the size and scope of the Boomer grandparent segment and the sub-segments in the grandparent market. Learn the nature of the activities and support that grandparents are providing to their children and grandchildren. Define the spending patterns and categories of spending on grandchildren. This presentation can be customized based on the audience and product/service category.

Grandparents in the boomer generation are different from their parents and grandparents. Multi-generational households and programs are becoming more common. Grandparents raising grandchildren are more prevalent and face their own challenges. See how these factors affect the sharing of values and culture, and what legacy means to this new generation of grandparents.

This presentation is based on Lori’s new book: The Grandparent Economy: How Baby Boomers are Re-Shaping Family and Spending, 2015. It currently offered as a keynote presentation.

Move Beyond Age to Better Design

Major companies are failing to recognize the impact of the aging population. Products and services are not thoughtful in their design or accessibility, alienating a large and lucrative population. Many products that are created for older adults are not elegantly designed and feel “old.” Where is the happy medium?

Is innovation important only in products for younger consumers? Or is there a way to think about consumer in the design process (ahead of the marketing the product) to create ageless, well-designed and usable products for any generation? Has Universal Design become a euphemism for old and handicapped?

Are current funding models pushing insight and usability too late into the product development process, as products and services are rushed to market? See which companies are designing thoughtfully, as we move beyond the idea of age to a better concept of innovation in design for older consumers.

Thoughtful design complements an aging society, producing beautiful, usable and smart products. Join this conversation about elevating design as a key quality of life factor for every population in society.

This program can be a keynote, a panel that includes designers, or roundtable with design professionals and stakeholders within a company.

Growing into a Digital World

Older consumers are not digital natives as their children and grandchildren are. They have, however, been using computers in the workplace and at home since their introduction. This makes Boomers and seniors a different type of consumer, not a lesser one. This presentation explores how older consumers are living differently with technology.

The growth in usage of tablets and smartphones by mature consumers is making companies think differently about the user experience, content creation and the very nature of building communities in the digital space.

Get up to the minute data on usage trends, campaigns that are trending in your key demographics, and adoption of apps, sites and devices. Successful customer service models are explored. Fresh data is added for every presentation, as are examples of new digital content in a variety of product and service categories.

Optional information about creating the best user experience and content can be included. This program has been presented as an analyst keynote, a panel with UX experts, and workshop with creative departments seeking to learn more about Boomer and senior consumers.

Coming Soon:

Silver Linings: 10 Trends in the Longevity Economy to Grow Your Business

A look at what is trending in the key industries that create the longevity economy. This new presentation is based on the free e-book on The Business of Aging site.

Millennials Rising: Lessons from the Largest Aging Population in History

By 2025 the millennial generation will outnumber the Baby Boomers. This new presentation looks at the cultural markers and characteristics of the younger generation and it’s relationship to the Boomers.


“We invited Lori Bitter to serve as our inaugural speaker for ‘Planet Talks–The Macquarie Speaker Series.’ Her experience with Eons.com and ability to talk about what it means to community building was a fantastic way for us to start this really important initiative. She is passionate about older adults and digital communities and was interviewed by Ronnie Eldridge in front of our live audience at the Senior Planet Exploration Center in Chelsea.”

Thomas Kamber, PhD, Executive Director, 
Older Adults Technology Services (OATS), Senior Planet Exploration Center, New York

“Lori presented a two-session webinar program to our members at the Outdoor Industry Association titled ‘How to Hit the Boomer Bulls Eye and Win.’ Her insights were great and on target for our membership. I enjoyed working with her on the webinars and learned a lot. I hope to have an opportunity to work with her again soon.”

Loraine Gruber, Education Services Manager, Outdoor Industry Association

“Lori Bitter chaired a panel and provided a presentation on ‘The Business of Aging’ for SABEW’s Indianapolis conference. She is organized and collaborative. Her presentation was great! We got rave reviews from conference attendees! We hope to expand on this topic at later conferences.”

Pamela Yip, Society of American Business Editors and Writers, Inc. (SABEW), Personal Finance Columnist, The Dallas Morning News

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