Jim Gilmartin

Baby Boomer & Senior Marketing and Sales Expert

Jim Gilmartin has emerged as one of America’s experts on improving marketing and sales to Baby Boomer and senior customers. Since 1991, Jim has presented on improving marketing and sales to Baby Boomer and senior customers to thousands of presentation attendees. At more than 100 million strong they are the New Customer Majority. Baby Boomers and seniors are more than $2 Trillion dollar markets and spend nearly $7 billion per year online.

Besides his knowledge of how to best secure and retain these markets, Jim brings to his speaking engagements the experience of more than 25 years in business development leadership, marketing, sales and operations positions. Serving as CEO and COO of two health services corporations, and as senior vice president for a Chicago-based international health care system, Jim provided leadership to position the system as a leading provider of services and products to Baby Boomer and older consumers.

Jim is the founding Principal at Oakbrook Terrace, IL-based Coming of Age. To learn more about Jim’s approach, visit the Market Insights Blog and What We’ve Learned pages for more insights into connecting with Baby Boomers & seniors. You may also visit Jim’s LinkedIn page to review client testimonials on his approach, knowledge and experience. To read additional insights visit MediaPost’s Engage:Boomers blog. Jim is also the co-author of Market Smart: The Best in Age & Lifestyle Specific Design.

Selected current and past clients include: Humana, Inc, AT&T, Genworth Financial, AARP, Blue Cross Blue Shield of FL, Transamerica Insurance, Walmart, Levitt & Sons, Nordstrom, Sunterra Resorts, Wyndemere Senior Living, Heartland Steaks, Villa St. Benedict Senior Living, Allianz Life Insurance, Fairfield Resorts International, Kriebel Wells, be.group (previously Southern California Presbyterian Homes), Provena Life Connections, Maxim Health Care, CarePlanners and Oasis Consumer Healthcare.

Jim earned his B.S. and Masters degree from the City University of New York.

Selected Programs:

Brain Power – The Driver of Marketing Communications. Everything You Thought You Knew About Marketing & Sales to Baby Boomer and Senior Customers May Be Wrong.

Aging consumers are scrutinizing marketing and sales presentations, products and services more closely than before. In addition, the aging of global markets is having a substantial impact on sales and communications effectiveness. Currently, almost 50% of adult Americans are forty-six years of age or older. Over the next decade, the over-fifty markets will increase by approximately 50%. The less-than-fifty markets will increase by only 1% making middle age consumers the dominant players in the marketplace. This has presented marketing and sales professionals with the most independent-minded customer population ever.

Coming of AgeLearn why markets are tougher and why understanding how the brain determines what messages we receive and that perception and behavior changes over a lifetime is the key to successful communications. Learn a new research and communications paradigm – “Ageless Marketing”. Learn the five needs and shifting values of target markets and how we manifest them over life. In midlife, behavior typically becomes more autonomous. Resistance to entreaties by others to take various actions – like buying a given product increases.

Learn the power of the brain in determining what messages get through to our conscious mind. Learn the so-called “senior” market does not exist and learn a new research and communications paradigm “Consumer Behavior Sales™”. Learn how the brain determines the marketing and sales messages received. Learn why emotions are the drivers of marketing and sales and how the brain, mind and conscious processes information. Learn the value of storytelling and “Conditional Positioning” and communications, approaches and messages that have the best chance of generating interest and converting that interest into a buying decision. Finally, learn how to identify individual consumers’ needs and purchase motivators, and create marketing strategies, sales approaches and messages that have the best chance of generating interest and converting that interest into a buying decision. Examples of effective and ineffective communications are discussed.

Marketing & Sales to Baby Boomer & Senior Women – The Largest ‘National’ Economy on Earth

American women. The numbers are unequivocal, the gender differences are undeniable, the opportunity is inarguable and the market is enormous economic opportunity No. 1″, says Tom Peters. Statistics overawe – Women are responsible for 83% of all consumer purchases. Vacations – 92%. Houses – 91%. Consumer electronics – 51%. Cars – 60% of purchases and significantly influence 90%. Choice of a new bank account by women – 89% of the time. Health care – 80% of decisions, over two-thirds of all health care spending.

Moreover, Baby Boomer and senior women (born before 1965) have the most discretionary spending habits of all. Add in women’s role as “purchasing officer” for consumer goods and for corporations and agencies, and, in effect, you have an American Women’s Economy that accounts for over half of the U.S. GDP – about $5 trillion. The opportunity – trillions of dollars in the U.S. alone is waiting. American women by themselves are, in effect, the largest ‘national’ economy on earth. Unfortunately, too many companies don’t get it and often pay little attention to these lucrative targets.

Coming of AgeLearn why you must market differently to Baby Boomer and senior women and how to get beyond gender generalities to actionable tactics. Learn how to bring them to your brand-and keep them there. Learn what Baby Boomer and senior women cherish, what they take pride in and what Baby Boomer and older women enjoy or care about more than men do. Learn why Baby Boomer and older women seek more information and why their influence on your sales success doesn’t end with their purchases.

Learn how to a more effective way to communicate, motivate, and market. Learn why “The Four Dimensions” marketing model is a useful tool with practical applications for enhancing your marketing and sales effectiveness. Learn what messaging is effective. Finally, learn how to follow through to face-to-face sales and service. Examples of effective & ineffective communications are provided.

Supporting Sales and Service Associates – What Management and Supervisors Must Know About Baby Boomer & Senior Customer Markets

Learn the management and supervisory techniques necessary to support successful marketing, sales and services to Baby Boomer and senior customers.

Sample Presentation Introduction:

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“Jim Gilmartin is one of the nation’s leading experts on marketing to the New Customer Majority – adults (Baby Boomer and senior customers) who now outnumber younger adults by over 130 million to 86 million. Jim’s platform skills are exceptional as is his knowledge of human behavior. He knows that statistics don’t buy. People buy. Jim understands people from the inside out and knows to connect the dots between them and your company. My experience with Jim is that he delivers great insights, not groundless opinions that depend on serendipity to be right.”

David B. Wolfe, Consumer Behavior Expert. Author of Serving the Ageless Market, Ageless Marketing, Firms of Endearment and Brave New Worldview

“A special thanks to Jim Gilmartin and the team at Coming of Age. Your training presentation and coaching with our staff was a great experience that will prove invaluable in our service to the 50+ housing consumer. We learned very specific tactics to create better communication and imagery, and more importantly, were inspired to learn more about the important nuances of communicating effectively with this market.”

Danny Goodman, Chief Operating Officer, 55places.com

“Please accept my sincerest thanks for providing our members one of the best presentations in our four year history. You received the highest rating of all our speakers. After presenting your first program, the word spread among the attendees, and we couldn’t accommodate all the attendees who wanted to attend the remainder of your sessions. I look forward to your participation as one of the platform speakers at our national Senior Market Forum in October in Washington, DC.”

Greg Luque, President, Long Term Care Forum

“We were fortunate to have Jim Gilmartin speak at our annual meeting. We’ve been having our meetings for more than fifteen years and were absolutely blown away by Jim’s presentation. The feedback we received from our members was nothing short of amazing. He kept the participants attention throughout the entire presentation engaging them on every major point. Jim Gilmartin is the best speaker we’ve had at our meetings. His knowledge of how to market to baby boomers and seniors and his ability to keep participants engaged is the best we’ve seen.”

Tim Delany, CEO, Lancer Insurance

“I have had the absolute pleasure and delight in being a participating member of the audience on 4 different occasions when Jim Gilmartin “captured and maintained” the group he was addressing. Jim’s style of speech, his timely topics and his thought provoking material all lend themselves to helping Jim become recognized as one of the most effective and engaging speakers in his field. Allowing Jim to demonstrate his varied talents for your company would be a decision you will not regret.”

Peter S. Gelbwaks, Chairman – National LTC Network

“I must tell you how pleased we were with the educational program you provided in Miami. You delivered on all the points in our agreement and more. The trainers and supervisors in attendance were very impressed with you knowledge of how to best communicate with an older population and the tips you provided were practical and will be easily implemented by our service representatives.

We particularly liked your style and approach of encouraging questions and comments during and after the program was delivered, and then revising the end product/program to reflect our suggestions and provide solutions to our concerns.”

Kathy Leone, Director Operations, Lucent Technology, CLS Division

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More testimonials:

“Please accept this overdue note of thanks for the outstanding presentation you made as our opening keynote speaker. The information you imparted will go a long way to helping our members grapple with our aging client base. I am especially grateful for your “grace under pressure” when the Conference Center’s A/V system crashed just as you were beginning your presentation.

The disruption did not prevent you from delivering a most important and timely message about the unique challenges of marketing to the baby-boomer (and older) generation. The icing on the cake came when you were able to complete your presentation in the original time slot allotted to you. I will look forward to contacting you to speak at any future meetings I’m asked to chair.”

Michael Schlesinger, Assistant Vice President – New Business, New York Life

“Jim’s gift is public speaking: he is a dynamic speaker with clear experience that helps educate people on the senior and baby boomer market. He has an extraordinary knowledge of the baby boomer and senior market. Jim’s other gift is he is on top of the latest trends in connecting a client’s product to this demographic. Jim works with his clients to fully understand their objectives then crafts effective programs that drive positive results. He is a true pleasure to work with as evident by his long term client relationships.”

Todd Mason, CEO | Broadcast Production Executive | Executive In Charge of Production | Marketing and Business Growth Executive

“Jim Gilmartin is a master presenter. He weaves magic into his presentation on any topic. He captivates his audience from the first word to the last. Part of his presentation excellence is his interacting with the audience. He listens and responds in a manner that makes the audience feel he’s talking only to them.”

Connie S. March, President, Provena Senior Services

“This was your second time with us. Thank you for taking the time to join us in Monterey as a participant in our Annual Conference. Compliments on the format and slate of speakers continue to pour in. Therefore, we know we hit the spot! In particular, we received many compliments on you presentation, which was to the point, very timely and well delivered. It was a pleasure meeting you and we look forward to working with you again in the future!”

Margaret C. Felts, President, California Telephone Association

“On behalf of Bank Administration Institute, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you for your presentation at BAI’s Retail Delivery conference. There is no question your efforts added to the conference’s overall value and made it extremely beneficial for all attendees. The overall session evaluation was 3.48. Your individual session ratings were 4.45 out of 5.0. Thanks very much for all your efforts. I appreciated your support and look forward to the opportunity to work with you again”

Robert C. Davis, Managing Director, Retail Financial Services, Bank Administration Institute

“Thanks for giving your views and insights during your superb keynote presentation at PIMA’s Summer Conference. Since this particular conference was focused on the baby boomer and senior market, it was great having you give your insights on how to best communicate with this rapidly growing population. You were even able to get your point across and effectively include the audience, who gave great reviews, when we were experiencing “technical difficulties” beyond your control. Only someone who knows their topic so well could’ve picked up and improvised like that. It’s fun to laugh about it now but at the time, we were all a little nervous. We look forward to contacting you again when the opportunity arises.”

Kenneth H. Peterson, Asst. VP Business & Market Development, Transamerica Affinity Services, Inc.

“The program you provided us was an absolute success! The feedback from attendees was some of the best we’ve heard for any program we’ve offered. Your knowledge of marketing and selling to boomers is exceptional and the practical advice even better. Thanks for a great program delivered with style and panache.”

Connie Smith, Educational Director, The international Order of the Golden Rule

“A very special thank you for a great program. Our meeting was a great success and your contribution very much appreciated. The participant evaluations supported our belief that you would provide a meaningful and practical program on marketing and sales to baby boomers and older customers. We’ll have you back!”

Donna Davison-Smith and Alexandra Gekas, American Hospital Association

“On behalf of the Wellbridge Company, I want to express our thanks for your contribution to helping train our staff fro a successful opening of our health and fitness center in Newton, MA. The training you provided to better service the baby boomer and older member was well prepared and exceptionally delivered. The sensitivity training more than met our expectations as well. More importantly, the participants written evaluations reflected complete satisfaction with the excellent program you delivered. Your understanding and willingness to shift gears at a moments notice was greatly appreciated, as was your professional and energetic approach to a grueling training schedule.”

Debra Ann Baran, Marketing Manager, The Wellbridge Company

“Thank you for your program to the bankers of Indiana. Your seminar was well designed, superbly presented and very well received. Your views on the aging marketplace are very provocative and I, like the rest of the attendees, was fascinated by both eh content and presentation of the material. Your marketing suggestions, statistics and suggested approach to working with an aging society would be very helpful to any service industry. It’s an important topic and you cover it very well.”

Marie Beason, Former Educational Director, Indiana Bankers Association

“Thank you so much for your informative program on Strategies for Marketing & Sales to an Aging Marketplace. The success proven approach you provided was innovative and highly regarded by those in attendance. Your presentation manner, style and ability to communicate so effectively was well noted through the verbal and written comments form attendees. My sincere thanks to you for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to share your knowledge and experience with health care professionals.”

Patricia Merryweather, Assistant Vice President, Illinois Hospital Association

“Your presentation was a hit! The thoughts you shared have a great impact on our industry. It’s important for us to better understand the implications of an aging marketplace so we can make changes in our philosophies, attitudes and approach to improve our ability to market and sell effectively. We will definitely use your recommendations as we evaluate our marketing and sales strategies.”

John Streetman, President Prairie States Life Insurance Company

“On behalf of BAI, I would like to extend my sincere thanks for your program at our Branch Banking & Sales Management Conference. We appreciate the time you invested to help make the program a success. We have completed tabulating the participant’s evaluations. Participants rated your program a 4.7 out of a possible 5.0. This is an exceptional score for a conference of this type. I truly appreciated your support and look forward to working with you again.”

Nancy L. Doubt, Manager Branch Banking and Sales Management Bank Administrators Institute

“I want to once again thank you for a very insightful presentation at our recent state convention. Your presentation was outstanding. Several of our members said, ‘You have to have this guy back, he is very good.’ Again, thanks for a great job. We hope to have you back in the future.”

Sidney Fogle, Director, Education, The Funeral Directors Association of Kentucky

“You are by far the most informed, articulate individual I know on how to sell and market to baby boomers and seniors – our biggest customers. Your presentations to our international sales managers helped us to understand better the markets and your follow-up Train the Trainer program for the Pacific region was the best I’ve seen.”

Tom Sheets, General Manger, Sunterra Pacific, Sunterra Resorts International

“Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to participate at the “Targeting the 50+ Market” conference. The Brain Power Workshop was excellent…so much insightful information. I have already put some of it to good use and will continue to utilize this valuable, comprehensive intelligence. Your knowledge of this market and innovative approach is inspiring.”

Margaret Herter, Marketing Director, Villa St. Benedict

“Your 1 1/2 day workshop Integrated Marketing and Marketing to Boomer+ Customers was a great success for us. All of the attendees rated the program very good to excellent. Comments like. “Lots of good information”, “Different approach and concepts”, “Quite a few great ideas to take back and put to use”, “Excellent insight into our markets”, “A whole new way of thinking”, “Gave me a new perspective of the older market”, were common when describing the benefits of the program. Other comments included: “It would be a great presentation for General Managers and Boards of Directors”, “I wish my whole company was here”, “I believe everyone would benefit from what Mr. Gilmartin has to say. He’s a very wonderful speaker.”

Patricia Gisinger, Education Manager, North Dakota Telephone Association

“The evaluations on your presentation are glowing. ‘Very strong presentation’, ‘Great and valuable insights’, ‘speaker had a super delivery’. Thanks for a great program.”

Elizabeth Wiggins, Vice President, Institute for International Marketing

“Your keynote address and follow-up seminar on marketing and sales to Boomer+ populations were rated excellent and participants considered it one of the best programs NTCA has provided to it s membership. The participants at each of the regional meetings rated you as a presenter with exceptional presentation skills and a unique knowledge of the subject matter. Clearly, your efforts were well received by our members and you delivered on your promise to provide the best marketing communications program available today. You are one of the best presenters they’ve heard and the quality of your presentation was outstanding. I look forward to bringing you back for future programs.”

Ron Precourt, Director, Education, National Telephone Cooperative Association

“Jim has consulted and presented to Wal-Mart associates on initiatives important to our 50+ associates and customers. I approached Jim because he was one of America’s top experts on advertising, marketing and selling to baby boomer and seniors. In addition to bringing a 25+ years experience in business development, marketing and sales, he is a humble, transparent direct collaborator. I have found Jim to be genuinely interested in how businesses can be more relevant to mature populations. He is visionary, strategic and a servant leader which makes our relationship very valuable. I highly recommend securing his speaking and consulting services when a business is ready to put a stake in the ground to develop a comprehensive aging strategy.”

Ronnette V. Smith, Senior Manager – Corporate Affairs – Wal-Mart Stores, Inc

“The materials provided were used extensively in helping us develop sections of our sales training programs. Jim has terrific speaking skills was very easy to work with and provided excellent source materials and guidance. Also, he was very understanding of the demands of our business.”

Beth Petterssen, Sales Director at Humana

“Jim has worked with Humana in many capacities. He has assisted us with the development and educational programs to improve sales presentations that hit the mark, creative development of all kinds of materials from educational to sales aimed at the Senior Space and consulting on senior sensitivity and market trends. His insights and guidance over the years (since 2005) have been incredible helpful and I highly recommend him.”

Gail Miller, Chief of Product Development, Humana Cares

“I have utilized Jim in a number of speaking and consulting engagements over the years including when I was President and CEO of Swedish Covenant Hospital and when I had the same position at Weiss Memorial Hospital. Jim Gilmartin is one of the most creative and results oriented professionals I had the good fortune to hire and work with over the years. He brings great value and I recommend him very highly.”

Edward Cucci, FACHE, Senior Administrator, CIMPAR, SC

“Jim is highly expert and insightful when it comes to understanding the mindset of the senior and baby boomer markets. His speaking skills are excellent and I value his counsel when it comes to communicating with these highly desirable prospects.”

Dan Hutson, Vice President, Communications & Marketing, for be.group, a leading nonprofit provider of senior housing

“Jim Gilmartin has provided just the right expertise that gives us valuable insights into the needs and wants of our potential senior clients. His speaking skills are second to none and year after year he helped create the right messages that have allowed Wyndemere Senior Living Campus to continue to be the community of choice in its highly competitive market. Working with Jim has transformed our marketing and taken us to a new level! He showed us how to “get out of our box” and move to the cutting edge with our advertising and public relations. He also introduced us to the world of digital marketing, redesigned our website and introduced us to SEO, SEM, conversion optimization, performance management services and Google analytics. There are few people with the knowledge, insights, experience and skills to help their clients truly understand how to connect best with Baby Boomer and senior populations. Jim is at the top of the list”

Randalynn Kaye, Director, Marketing & Sales Wyndemere Senior Living

“We’ve used Jim twice as a speaker at our conferences and his material is insightful, well-documented and highly-rated in delegate surveys. A great speaker, Jim is a pioneer in the area of aging, demographics, branding to specific age groups, etc. I would not hesitate to recommend him as a speaker or consultant.”

Mac Lacy, President and Publisher, The Group Travel Leader Inc