Dick Ambrosius

Dick Ambrosius

G. Richard (Dick) Ambrosius is an evangelist for marketing and sales strategies, positive aging, storyteller and motivator with over 35 years’ experience in the fields of aging service delivery, senior living and marketing.

He is the Founder and Principal of Positive Aging® LLC. His previous positions include VP or Outreach and Business Development for start-up brain fitness company, NeoCORTA, two national senior living development and management companies, Founder and CEO of Phoenix Systems Inc., Executive Director of the NW Iowa Area Agency on Aging, and chaired the Rebranding Aging Task Force for the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA).

Dick has delivered paid presentations in 49 states and consulted with a variety of Fortune 500 companies, corporations, nonprofits, associations and government agencies. In 1997, he was selected “South Dakota’s Entrepreneur of the Year” by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Ambrosius has authored numerous articles, training texts, booklets such as Marketing is Not a Four Letter Word, The Art of the Positive, Positively Aging and most recently Choices & Changes…a positive aging guide to life planning. He holds both BA and MA degrees in Political Science and is a decorated Viet Nam veteran.

Selected Programs:

Age Stereotypes & Brain Fitness…Don’t Become Your Brain’s Worst Enemy

Fear of Alzheimer’s disease is at the top of most lists as people approach later life. Sadly, this fear can become a self-fulfilling prophecy resulting in exactly what we fear. This presentation provides a state-of-the-art review of brain fitness and the importance of a whole person plan to maintain and improve cognitive abilities.

The New Majority Rules . . . bottom line benefits of ageless marketing

This session is a wake-up call for those ignoring the dramatically changing market place. This upbeat presentation explores why research and advertising is no longer deliver the expected results and what you should be doing to embrace new approaches to branding, building your teams, and increasing your sales. Discover how the rules have changed and the new tools available to succeed in a market that is more senior than junior for the first time in U.S. history.

Word Power – Embracing Baby Boomers and the Power of Positive Aging

A humorous and educational journey through aging stereotypes that could be costing your business. Explore how the brain processes incoming information and why the terms you use could be building a wall that prevents consumers from even considering what you have to offer. Although making some progress, both real and inadvertent ageism still dominates advertising and marketing literature targeting Baby Boomers and older adults. Retirement still means withdrawal from active and productive contributions to society and community. Rather than look on the growing number of older adults as an incredible resource of talent and wisdom, they are perceived as a growing group of potentially dependent adults.

Creating Empowered Culture for Older Adult Communities and Centers

Many aging service programs and “retirement communities” struggle to attract new members due to outdated planning and programming. Presenter will share how to tap later life values as a pathway to increased customer satisfaction, more member involvement and create a more positive, member-driven community culture for planned communities or any nonprofit program for older adults. Presentation also explores how member-driven programs can reduce staffing and marketing expenses.

Paradigms & Pachyderms…redefining customer relationships

Employees today have but two choices: to be the leader of a winning team or face being cut. Employers too have two choices: empower the few who will be your new team leaders or they will exercise their free-agent rights and join another team that has the vision, culture, synergy and leadership to win. The source of power has shifted from capital resources to human and knowledge resources, from ego centered titles and status to relationships. The marketing process has moved from monologue to dialogue. Providing great customer service is no longer an option; it is critical for survival.  This session will demonstrate how the road to positive change begins by learning to walk around the elephant.


“Dick’s presentation at the WI Aging Networks Conference sponsored by the Greater WI Agency on Aging Resources was a WOW experience on many levels! He kept the entire audience engaged at a high level by offering practical, powerful and relevant information that many said they will start implementing immediately to help the culture Change the Way we portray and view aging. We will definitely be inviting him back in the future! He was by far, the best keynoter at the conference!”

Pam VanKampen, RD, Greater WI Agency on Aging Resources

“Our annual regional conference is aimed at front line workers in community services, facilities, and hospitals. This broad range of professionals presents a challenge in identifying a keynote speaker who can bring pertinent marketing and sales information appropriate to all. Dick Ambrosius did a great job in addressing our theme, Winds of Change. He was engaging, entertaining and informative.  He really did a great job.”

Gayla Woody, Program Administrator, Centralina Area Agency on Aging, Charlotte, NC

“Give this guy your full attention. Unlike a huge proportion of consultants providing advisory services to companies for their marketing efforts in older markets, Dick knows what he’s talking about. He is one of the nation’s leading proponents of positive aging which views the later years of life as a time for personal growth and development. He creatively applies this idea to marketing, product design, and management, reaping impressive results for clients and consumers alike.”

The late David B. Wolfe, President/Principal Author: Ageless Marketing, Firms of Endearment & A Brave New World View

“Dick is a great, well-informed speaker on a variety of topics concerning aging. Dick has presented programs for several years at annual National Active Retirement Association (NARA) conferences. In addition to insights on marketing and sales, in 2010, Dick also was a popular headliner at the first “Life after 55: An Afternoon of Learning” consumer program sponsored by NARA in conjunction with its annual conference in Columbia, SC. I would highly recommend Dick as a speaker or consultant on aging issues.”

Dan Owens, Executive Director, National Active Retirement Association

“We hired Dick Ambrosius to speak at our annual meeting event twice, attended by over 250 financial advisers. Dick’s presentation was a fresh take on the impact the Baby Boomer generation is having on marketing and across all sectors of business and society; the talk contained useful tips on how to connect, work, deal and thrive with the Boomer demographic. I strongly recommend Dick to anyone seeking a great speaker with something interesting and useful to say.”

Joseph Anzalone, Vice President of Sales, Asset Marketing Systems

“Dick Ambrosius is one of the best speakers available on the subject of positive aging. His presentations are both educational and entertaining. He has a talent for connecting with and engaging his audiences. He is positive, up-beat, out-going, and inspiring. Having Dick as a keynote speaker for any business  planning events to attract older consumers gives your business an advantage over the competition. He is a welcome addition to any marketing plan in an age when traditional marketing efforts are just not enough.”

Jim Cater, CEO of PRAXEIS, LLC, Jacksonville, FL

“As vice-chair of the Urban Land Institute’s Senior Housing Council it isn’t often that I can find a speaker that transcends the boundaries of Active Adult and Continuing Care Retirement Community’s at the same time, but Dick did a terrific job in showing us that inclusiveness in approaching our markets can be a key to success. Dick’s message speaks directly at one of the core issues of our council, the different ways in which each of us in our various product types sees the world in a different and potentially biased way. The market is forcing us to look at hybrids and new models to serve a population that isn’t going to be satisfied with the same old thing, and the positive aging message powerfully encourages all of us to re-think not only our marketing message, but our real estate product as well.”

David J. Segmiller AIA, Principal, Freeman White, Charlotte, NC

“I engaged Dick to be the keynote speaker for the first annual Quest, an RLS Summit.  Dick is an extraordinary communicator.  He captivated our audience of senior housing marketers and managers.  His material is thought provoking and timely for those who work with an aging population.  His tremendous sense of humor makes it easy to drive home key points.  We have had requests to bring him back again and I am sure we will as his teaching had an immediate impact on our sales and management teams.”

Robert E. Snyder, President, Stonetrust Partners

“On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being the lowest, your session scored a 4.8! That is an outstanding rating from this group of top producers (I consider a 4.0  an ideal goal).”

Christopher McAuley, Aviva Life Insurance Co., N. Quincy, MA

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