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Brent Green presents a distinctive and challenging perspective about population aging, Baby Boomers, and transformations changing every industry. His career includes work as a counseling psychologist for five years, followed by 33 years in marketing communications as an award-winning strategist, creative director, business writer, speaker, trainer, social commentator, and consultant focusing on generational marketing and business.

His books, workshops and speeches present the psychological, sociological, and interpersonal dimensions of a generation quickly reaching the life-stage associated with quiescence. As Brent declares, “They will not be quiet, calm, or disengaged. They will collectively redefine the connotations of aging and the purpose of life’s closing years. They will set the stage for a long-term reorientation of American business to the value of its previously most undervalued population segment. They will bring to aging culture what they bequest to youth culture when they were boisterously becoming young adults over four decades ago.”

Brent is respected as a powerful, thoughtful public speaker and trainer. A graduate of the Dale Carnegie program, he has been a member of Toastmasters International for over twenty years, and he has received several first-place regional awards for public speaking. He has served as a trainer on the adjunct faculty of the Center for Creative Leadership. He is also a veteran workshop leader, helping senior executives manage media interviews and public speaking. He has performed as a keynote speaker throughout the U.S. and Canada and overseas, including speeches in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, and Sweden.

Selected Programs:

Generation Reinvention: How Boomers Today Are Changing Business, Marketing, Aging and the Future

Born from 1946 to 1964, Baby Boomers represent 26.1% of the U.S. population. By demographic force alone, this generation is having a lot of influence on the future. But demographics do not tell the entire story.

Boomers are changing many traditional business practices and institutions, from advent of medical tourism to later-life entrepreneurialism. They are still shaping popular culture, from Hollywood films with mature themes to new hit songs from enduring classic rockers and previously unknown recording stars.

This inspiring presentation gives you astute glimpses into what it actually means to be part of a generation, both personally and from a practical marketing standpoint. You’ll discover an unprecedented analysis of generational influences, and then you can explore your own generational identity through a guided workshop.

You’ll leave this presentation well informed about how you can improve marketing communications, product and service development, nonprofit value, and public policies. It’s not an overstatement to conclude that the next few chapters of western society will include Baby Boomers as leading protagonists, while Generation Reinvention continues to change the meaning of business, marketing, aging, and consumerism.

Baby Boomers, Aging, and the Transformation Narrative

Two narratives compete for public consciousness about population aging.

The Generational Tempest Narrative portends doom-and-gloom when the costs of social insurance for aging populations overwhelm government tax revenue, with older generations committing the sin of fiscal child abuse on the youngest and unborn generations.

The Transformation Narrative points to economic expansion because of the creative and unexpected ways that today’s oldest generations have historically changed business and society. Now, for the first time in history, unprecedented population aging is occurring at exactly the same time when transformational technologies are accelerating at exponential speed. Thus, science, technology, and social action will advance economies that embrace the opportunities rather than the problems of aging

The Mission, The Man, The Money: Marketing to Baby Boomer Men

Six thousand American Baby Boomer men turn 50 every day, and another Boomer male turns 60 every 15 seconds. This relentless march to 60+ will continue for the next ten years.

Boomer men are now changing what it means to be over 50. They’ll continue to redefine such enterprises as housing, healthcare, media, education, financial services and tourism. They’ll set new benchmarks for late-life accomplishments and social and political impact. They’ll bring a badly needed positive perspective to male aging and most assuredly will challenge a century of ageism in marketing and media.

In his fast-paced multimedia presentation — featuring an entertaining blend of classic rock music, marketing case studies, consumer research, and advertising videos — author Brent Green reveals the demographic, sociological and cultural forces that are shaping a future fraught with business risks and opportunities. Economic success awaits businesses and professionals who crack the Boomer male marketing code, and Brent gives his audiences a profound emotional understanding of why and how.



“Brent’s presentation was among the best in the history of our six-year Chamber University program which has served more than 3,500 business and association executives. We were pleasantly surprised that he drew an audience of 200-plus, our largest crowd ever. Attendees ranked the program a 4.6 on a 5.0 scale making this one of our most popular and well-received programs of all time.”

Vicki Vega, Vice President, Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce

“It was my good fortune to have the chance to work with Brent Green. His contributions were enormous. His two-hour presentation inspired us and generated a great deal of thought and ideas. ”

Joe Small, President, AHI Travel

“Brent knocked the ball out of the park! His presentation to the Ohio Chapter of Meeting Professionals International received rave review from the attendees. We admired his ability to identify not only key elements of what makes a Boomer, but also draw correlations with all the other generations, and then tailor his presentation specifically to the meetings’ industry.”

Deane Drury, Vice President, Education, Meeting Planners International, Ohio Chapter

“Brent Green’s presentation on Generation Reinvention provided our attendees with an invigorating session that was both insightful, educational, and entertaining. His integration of multimedia throughout the presentation captivated the audience and contributed to an outstanding presentation that was so well-received by attendees. Brent’s commitment and enthusiasm for his presentation made him a pleasure to work with, and we truly appreciate his contribution to the CSA Conference!”

Erin E. Doherty, CSA, Society of Certified Senior Advisors

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