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In mid-life, consumer behavior typically becomes more autonomous, presenting marketers and sales professionals with the most independent-minded customer population ever. To be successful in Baby Boomer and senior customer markets, it is no longer effective to rely on tried-and-true marketing and sales methods for this rapidly growing and lucrative customer base.

Practical, Applicable & Effective Marketing Tools & Tactics

As Baby Boomers and seniors move through the Fall and Winter of life the behavioral and perception changes they experience demands significantly different marketing and sales messaging, content, approaches, techniques and tactics. Coming of Age is one of the few marketing companies to provide customized work-site or conference/event keynotes, presentations or half-day workshops to improve marketing and sales to Baby Boomer and senior customers.

Selected Speakers:

Jim Gilmartin

Company: Coming of Age
Expertise: Baby Boomer & Senior Marketing & Sales
Available Programs:
  1. Brain Power – The Driver of Marketing Communications. Everything You Thought You Knew About Marketing & Sales to Baby Boomer and Senior Customers May Be Wrong
  2. Marketing & Sales to Baby Boomer & Senior Women – The Largest ‘National’ Economy on Earth
  3. Supporting Sales and Service Associates – What Management and Supervisors Must Know About Baby Boomer & Senior Customer Markets

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Dick Ambrosius

Company: Positive Aging® LLC
Expertise: Evangelist for Marketing & Sales Strategies, Positive Aging, Storyteller and Motivator
Available Programs:
  1. Age Stereotypes & Brain Fitness…Don’t Become Your Brain’s Worst Enemy – A state-of-the-art review of brain fitness and the importance of a whole person plan to maintain and improve cognitive abilities
  2. The New Majority Rules . . . bottom line benefits of ageless marketing – Discover how the rules have changed and the new tools available to succeed in a market that is more senior than junior for the first time in U.S. history
  3. Word Power – Embracing Baby Boomers and the Power of Positive Aging – A humorous and educational journey through aging stereotypes that could be costing your business.
  4. Creating Empowered Culture for Older Adult Communities and Centers – How to tap later life values as a pathway to increased customer satisfaction, more member involvement and create a more positive, member-driven community culture for planned communities or any nonprofit program for older adults
  5. Paradigms & Pachyderms…redefining customer relationships – Providing great customer service is no longer an option; it is critical for survival. This session will demonstrate how the road to positive change begins by learning to walk around the elephant

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Brent Green


Company: Brent Green & Associates, Inc.
Expertise: An award-winning strategist, creative director, business writer, speaker, trainer, social commentator, and consultant focusing on generational marketing and business
Available Programs:
  1. Generation Reinvention: How Boomers Today Are Changing Business, Marketing, Aging and the Future – Astute glimpses into what it actually means to be part of a generation, both personally and from a practical marketing standpoint
  2. Baby Boomers, Aging, and the Transformation Narrative – For the first time in history, unprecedented population aging is occurring at exactly the same time when transformational technologies are accelerating at exponential speed. Thus, science, technology, and social action will advance economies that embrace the opportunities rather than the problems of aging
  3. The Mission, The Man, The Money: Marketing to Baby Boomer Men – Economic success awaits businesses and professionals who crack the Boomer male marketing code, and Brent gives his audiences a profound emotional understanding of why and how.

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Lori Bitter

Lori Bitter headshot

Company: The Business of Aging
Expertise: Strategic Consulting, Research and Development for Companies Seeking to Engage with Mature Consumers
Available Programs:
  1. The Grandparent Economy – Understand the size and scope of the Boomer grandparent segment and the sub-segments in the grandparent market. Learn the nature of the activities and support that grandparents are providing to their children and grandchildren. Define the spending patterns and categories of spending on grandchildren.
  2. Moving Beyond Age to Better Design – Is there a way to think about consumer in the design process (ahead of the marketing the product) to create ageless, well-designed and usable products for any generation? See which companies are designing thoughtfully, as we move beyond the idea of age to a better concept of innovation in design for older consumers.
  3. Growing Into a Digital World – Older consumers are not digital natives as their children and grandchildren are. They have, however, been using computers in the workplace and at home since their introduction. This makes Boomers and seniors a different type of consumer, not a lesser one. This presentation explores how older consumers are living differently with technology.
  4. Silver Linings: 10 Trends in the Longevity Economy to Grow Your Business (Coming Soon) – A look at what is trending in the key industries that create the longevity economy. This new presentation is based on the free e-book on The Business of Aging site.
  5. Millenials Rising: Lessons from the Largest Aging Population in History (Coming Soon) – By 2025 the millennial generation will outnumber the Baby Boomers. This new presentation looks at the cultural markers and characteristics of the younger generation and it’s relationship to the Boomers.

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Mike Sullivan

Photo of Michael P. SullivanCompany: 50-Plus Communications Consulting
Expertise: Selling to Boomers, Retirement/Aging, Sales Staff Training, Consulting, Financial Services and the Aging Population
Available Programs:
  1. Finding the Gold in Gray: Keys to Selling Retirement Income Products to Boomers and Older Customers – This presentation provides valuable information on the differences between older and younger generation in biology, psychology and life experiences. More important to the adviser is how these changes affect the sales process and the response to them. It provides hundreds of practical clues on deepening relationships with clients.
  2. How to Use Life Events to Add Assets and Gain New Clients – Life events move money! All you have to do is ask: What’s happening in your life? This presentation by Mike Sullivan identifies 35 or more life events and shows you how to systematically mine life events to create and add assets and gain new clients.

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