Website Conversion Optimization

sb-analyticsIn terms of online marketing for Baby Boomers and seniors, getting traffic to your website is the easy part. Anyone can promise high volumes of visitors and focus on putting the numbers on your side—but more important than high traffic is high-quality traffic. You want the users accessing your site and online information to spend some time with you, getting to know your product, building a relationship and ultimately converting to lifelong customers.

Traditional marketing to Baby Boomers and seniors calls for a focus on customer service, accessibility, ease of use and time spent building trust in your brand. Online marketing is no different—except that you have a smaller window of opportunity in which to get noticed, and more competition from companies all over the world with the same objective.

Coming of Age utilizes techniques that make the most of both these marketing strategies, allowing you to reach target customers more easily and then convert those customers into sales. And because we do it as part of your overall marketing plan, these strategies are rolled seamlessly into your website and social media platforms.

How to Market for Baby Boomers and Seniors Effectively

Getting qualified traffic to act and transact with your website is one of the most important aspects of online marketing—but getting there takes time and effort.

Coming of Age works with clients to remove the various traffic road blocks found on many websites. By making your website streamlined and easy to use, we can reduce the customer’s frustration quotient and increase each customer’s satisfaction quotient. This is true whether you’re providing information online or creating a sales portal for immediate income.

We also spend some time developing content that appeals to a broad base of visitors. Our goal is to engage users from the moment they arrive on your site, whether it’s through stunning visuals or content that appeals to their unique needs and values. You visibility is increased with every visit because we also tie in various social media outlets—and so that customers can find you easily the second or third time around.

Coming of AgeMaking Baby Boomers and Seniors Happy

Improving conversion rates on your website can have a dramatic effect on revenue—which is what marketing to Baby Boomers and seniors is all about. Coming of Age has the experience and expertise required to optimize websites for conversion.

For more information on how we can roll higher rates of website conversion into your overall marketing plan, contact us today. Reaching today’s Baby Boomers and seniors online isn’t enough—the best businesses are the ones that keep them coming back for more.

Let us show you how we can help you to improve your success in Baby Boomer and older customer markets. If you provide some brief information below, we’ll get in touch with you promptly to discuss.

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