Our Marketing Approach

For more than 25 years, Coming of Age has been specializing in connecting brands with people over the age of fifty. What sets our marketing approach apart is our deep understanding of this audience and how to effectively communicate with them. Coming of Age goes beyond just knowing the demographics of the Senior population, delving into the psychology of who they are and how the brain processes information as we age. Our marketing approach is linked to developmental psychology, the study of the aging mind, and how people’s values and identities change in the Fall and Winter of life.


Our Approach

Rooted in developmental psychology, Coming of Age’s marketing approach improves connections with this market and increases effectiveness by linking messaging to the values and root motivators that drive behavior. By understanding the nature of your customers’ motivators and values, we are able to create messages that have the best chance of generating customer interest and converting that interest into a purchase or other desired action. To reach aging audiences, we must understand how their behavior and motivators change as they age.

Go with the Grain of the Brain

In marketing to senior audiences, understanding how they think is just as important as what they think.

The whole business of marketing is about getting information into people’s brains and persuading their minds to take action. But how a 25-year-old mind processes information is dramatically different from how a 70-year-old mind processes the same content.

The study of how people’s mindset changes over time, and the science of how the brain processes images and text is incorporated into all of our creative.

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