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Foundation Partners Group

Develop messaging and campaigns to increase leads.


Foundation Partners Group (FPG) was established several years ago and purchased 46 cemetery and funeral home locations across the United States. Each was operating under unique local trade names. FPG corporate was challenged by competitive issues, varying target audience demographics and independent marketing budgets. Prior to FPG purchase, local advertising was very product/service focused rather than customer/benefit focused, and all locations had created similar types of ads for years. Little to no digital advertising had been implemented at the individual locations.

In 2013, Coming of Age was brought in to develop an effective and efficient way to increase the leads coming to FPG’s funeral homes and cemeteries. To their credit, FPG was willing to strategically implement change.

  • Conducted in-depth interviews with all local leaders to determine marketing goals specific to each location
  • Determined that a general awareness campaign was necessary, which could be used across all markets and appeal to various demographics
  • Recommended that FPG break out of the mold of prior advertising techniques and stand out from the crowd in order to have an impact
  • Added tracking phone numbers to all ads in order to determine ad and medium effectiveness
  • Created a comprehensive testing strategy to determine the most effective media placements
  • Developed a digital ad strategy, based on research proving the target audience is in fact spending much of their time online, in conjunction with traditional print, radio and billboard mediums
  • Presented to local leaders to secure buy-in on the local level


Coming of Age developed a series of ads with a unifying theme, “Remember When…”. This theme provided flexibility for the individual markets and immediately stood out from the crowd. The ads told brief but compelling stories that pulled at the heartstrings of the target audience. Rather than focusing on the sadness of death, the ads turned the connection to happy memories.

  • Relatable ads focused on emotion and feeling
  • Large images attracted attention
  • Larger type and easy to find contact information aided older audiences
  • A call-to-action directed the audience where to go for more information
  • A campaign tagline unified the campaign and built brand awareness

  • Over 7200 leads were delivered in one year through traditional and digital marketing
  • Initially, the new creative and marketing strategy was tested in 6 key markets across the country. With proven success came the addition of all remaining markets
  • The ads created a buzz in each market. Consumers spoke frequently of the “Grandpa Burnt the Chicken” ad
  • Benchmark CPLs were established and the most successful mediums in each market were determined
  • Overall, Search was by far the most successful medium in every market, with 84% lower Cost Per Leads
  • Coming of Age was rewarded with renewed contracts for 2014 and 2015 which included increased media spend for the following years
  • FPG’s success story was highlighted in a feature article in Business View Magazine

Foundation Partners Group logo

Foundation Partners Group

Improving local search engine rankings for locations.


Foundation Partners Group has 21 websites for their 46 cemetery and funeral home locations, which each operate under unique local trade names across the U.S. The websites all reside on the same platform, and use template creative. Local business search engine rankings were low to average. Outside of local searches, FPG sites were not ranking well. Coming of Age performed an extensive audit of all 21 sites and uncovered many opportunities to improve rankings.

  • Fixed over 300 existing link errors, and also adjusted page titles, meta descriptions and headlines
  • Created HTML and video XML site maps and changed image file names
  • Revised content to differentiate from the competition after audit revealed duplicate copy existed not only within FPG’s sites, but among competitors’ sites as well
  • Revised each market’s home page entirely to feature unique copy in the form of a personal letter to the community to address duplicate copy issues among FPG sites
  • Creating unique content for all 21 FPG sites was determined to be cost-prohibitive at the time of audit. Therefore, COA recommended completely revising content for one market as a test case to prove the value in entirely unique content

  • On average, sites saw a 29.7% increase in organic traffic across a 3-month year-over-year comparison
  • Test site obtained the largest growth of any of the homes, with a 116% increase in organic traffic across a 3-month year-over-year comparison
  • Test site showed the highest month of traffic reported in over 14 months


Launch new brand and generate increased leads to the (10) CCRC’s.


The (formerly Southern California Presbyterian Homes) is a multi-faceted senior living provider with (10) Continuing Care Retirement Communities, included independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing and rehabilitation. The company also manages (25) affordable housing communities throughout California and Texas. COA was engaged to manage a new brand launch and generate increased leads to the (10) CCRC’s.

  • Developed an integrated communications/media plan to introduce the new brand strategy and generate incremental qualified leads for the communities.
  • Created a series of content-rich events including the development and recruitment of speakers for lifestyle-focused educational seminars.
  • Authored and launched a detailed interactive strategy including social media, live chat, search engine optimization and pay-per-click programs.
  • Installed My Market Master program to better track, optimize, and manage lead-flow to the communities.
  • Launched a comprehensive Public Relations effort geared toward creating an advocacy/educational position for the communities.

  • Generated 5,632 trackable leads for the (10) communities on a target goal of 2,924 leads.
  • Reduced cost per lead from an industry average of $600-$700 to $98-$347 per lead.
  • Maintained occupancy rate of 2% over industry average through a dismal 2011 real estate market.


AT&T Consumer Lease Services

Customer aqcuisition & retention.


AT&T consumer Lease Services was successful in acquiring lease customers but soon realized their customer erosion level was increasing. They engaged COA to develop and execute a number of strategies to move from customer acquisition to customer retention.

  • AT&T Consumer Lease Services is in the business of leasing telephones and other communication devices
  • The client made a decision in the 2000's to no longer focus on acquiring new customers to focusing on retention efforts
  • The majority of its client base is in the 65+ market
  • Client saw a dramatic decrease in customer satisfaction and an increase in customer loss
  • COA was brought in to help decrease customer attrition and increase customer satisfaction

  • Rewrote scripts for incoming and outgoing tele-service calls:
    • Better reflect customer respect & empathy
    • Better emphasize key benefits
    • Use more senior-friendly language
    • Simplify sentences, make them easier to understand
  • Created and executed a "Train the Trainer" Program for trainers and supervisors
    • Understanding the older consumer
    • Dealing with customers physical changes
    • Improving Seniors' understanding
    • Building relationships with customers over the telephone
    • Dealing with cancellation situations
  • Repositioned Marketing Communications program
    • Refocused/redesigned newsletter to make more senior friendly
    • Repackaged Product Guide for easier understanding
    • Created more logical product manuals and quickstart guides
    • Provided senior-targeted direct mail strategies
    • Redeveloped website to make more conducive to the aging eye
  • Provided enhanced Lease Rewards/Loyalty Program
    • Improved benefits on prescription drugs, vitamins and supplements and vision care
    • Introduced more senior-conducive benefits such as hearing, diabetes care, travel assistance and more
    • Generated revenue by executing an in-envelope profit center through advertiser paid insert program

  • Overall customer satisfaction increased from 82% in 2000 to 93% in 2006
  • Retention of customers increased 13.8% between 2004 and 2006
  • Enrollment penetration in the Lease Rewards Program increased from 2% in 2001 to 18% in 2006


Wyndemere Senior Living

Brand awareness & lead generation.


Located in Wheaton, IL, Wyndemere Senior Living consists of a 22-acre community with the privacy and comfort of a maintenance-free residence. Providing a continuum of care, Wyndemere offers health services in residential living apartments and town homes; or through Westbridge Assisted Living at Wyndemere and Wynscape Health and Rehabilitation at Wyndemere. Management needed to improve sales to target populations. Our objectives included:

  • Increase name recognition
  • Increase awareness and lead generation for independent living, assisted living and nursing/rehabilitation
  • Increase website visits to and phone inquiries

  • Establish a lead tracking system through a series of toll free numbers keyed to each media execution.
  • Reestablish the brand of Wyndemere in the community
  • Educate on the advantages of selecting a senior living community that offers the full continuum of care & an affiliation with a leading hospital
  • Create a sense of trust between Wyndemere Campus & the target audience
  • Rename the Campus
  • Develop New Ad Concept & Design
    • Ads/website/collateral primarily sold emotion & trust
    • Project message through storytelling
  • Phone numbers be accompanied by a specific person to ask for to add a personal touch
  • Retool Media Strategy
    • Focus on Senior-oriented Magazines
    • Redirect Direct Mail & Broadcast E-mail
  • Database to Active Seniors and Caregivers file.
    • Retool website to provide better color palette and organization
    • Website Optimization & Promotions Online
  • Wyndemere Public Relations & Media Relations Plan
    • Challenge: Continue to increase overall awareness of the three lifestyle options offered to increase resident census

  • Plan activities increased lead generation by 34% in year one and 27% in year two
  • Achieved a 30% conversion rate on web traffic vs. industry average of 5 to 10%

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