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Established in 1991, Coming of Age is a full-service marketing agency. We are subject matter experts, problem solvers and creative professionals experienced in advertising/marketing to Baby Boomer and senior customers.

Providing a mix of online and offline marketing services, we identify 50+ customer needs, values and purchase motivators inherent in their stage of life and create messages that motivate by identifying and resonating specifically with aging audiences.

The Coming of Age Difference

Senior couple kiteIn the marketing field, it is commonly assumed that customers process communications in more or less the same way, regardless of their age. However, behavioral research tells us that the general character of people’s worldviews, values, views and needs change in relation to their season of life.

Our marketing approach draws on the well-established tenets of developmental psychology to yield better results. It relies on new and innovative insights into the workings of the brain - all with the goal of reaching your desired customer base more effectively.

Our marketing approach provides us access to Baby Boomer and senior customer purchase motivators so that we can better position your products and services. Drawing from behavioral health experts, psychological studies and the idea that root motivators and survival values evolve over a lifespan, we are better able to understand human developmental changes and use that information as a guide to design marketing messages that make an impact.

When you want to create effective and efficient marketing strategies and motivating communications that secure the interest of aging audiences, Coming of Age is your one-stop resource for support.

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We offer a full menu of online and offline services.

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