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In marketing to baby boomers and seniors, understanding how they think is just as important as what they think. We understand how they think, and we’ll help you connect with them.

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We are a full-service advertising agency.

  • We are subject matter experts, problem solvers and creative professionals, experienced in advertising to 50+ customers for over 25 years.
  • We identify the 50+ customers’ needs, values and purchase motivators inherent in their stage of life, and incorporate this understanding into all our creative design and messaging.
  • Our strategic approach and exceptional creative combined with the latest in communications technologies and performance management tools generates the most effective and efficient marketing programs.
  • We provide a mix of online and offline marketing services.
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Our Marketing Approach

The Coming of Age approach is linked to developmental psychology and the study of what motivates people in different stages of their lives. We also incorporate the science of how communications are processed in the brain into all of our creative development.

Everyone knows people change as they age. But we must understand not just the physical changes that occur during the Fall and Winter of life, but the psychological ones as well.

A 55-year-old person is not the same person they were when they were 25. They are in a different season of life, with a different world view, with different needs and values. Their priorities have changed, which means that what motivates them has changed.

Coming of Age is the only agency that creates marketing communications that are processed differently according to life development stages.

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"It’s their insight into the senior market that impresses me the most. Their strategy and approach, along with their ability to learn and focus, were very strong. Coming of Age knows their business without a doubt.”

Pamela Landis, Philips Lifeline

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In addition to our award-winning strategic planning and customer relationship development expertise, we provide the following baby boomer and senior marketing services:

Strategic Planning

Acquisition Strategy / Retention Strategy / Activation & Relationship Development / Cross-Channel Planning

Brand & Image Advertising

Name Development / Logo Design / Brand Strategy / Brand Guidelines


Print / Direct Mail / Radio / TV / PR / Out of Home / Collateral / Search Engine Marketing / Display / Email / Remarketing / Social / Video / SEO / Web Design

Media Planning & Buying

Planning & Placement / Negotiation & Bidding / Keyword & Contextual Strategies / List Buying / Trafficking

Analytics & Evaluation

Google Analytics / Call Tracking / Traffic / Leads / Clicks / Redemptions / Views / Shares / Purchase / Conversions

Production / Programming

HTML / Websites / Landing Pages / Dynamic Sites / Ecommerce Sites / JavaScript / PHP / WordPress / Drupal / Heatmaps / Print / Video / Broadcast / Radio / Outdoor / Mail

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