Baby Boomers & Seniors: The Most Valuable Generations in the History of Marketing

A recent report by Nielsen in collaboration with  BoomAgers, shows that in five years, 50% of the U.S. population will be 50+.  Born before 1965, the baby boomer and senior consumers spend close to 50% of all Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) dollars yet marketers gear less than 5% of advertising towards them. These high potential and lucrative consumers have been largely ignored by online marketers since aging out of the popular 18-49 cohort.

And, one of the biggest misconceptions about marketing and advertising to Baby Boomers and seniors is that social media and online marketing and advertising only appeal to a narrow, niche and much younger crowd. While it is true that teenagers and young adults are often the first to adopt new technology and online platforms, the Baby Boomer and senior generations are never far behind.

In fact, at more than 110 million strong, combined Baby Boomers and seniors represent the single largest consumer group in America, spending more than $7 billion online every year. These customers currently make up one-third of all online and social media users, with more than 8 million individuals spending more than 20 hours a week online and growing.

Baby Boomer and Senior Marketing Development Opportunities
At Coming of Age we know that it is no longer a viable business model to let the Baby Boomer and senior markets go untapped online. That’s why we develop and execute online marketing and advertising strategies and performance management programs that cater specifically to the Baby Boomer and senior crowd.

Our company works because we focus on that unique place where the marketing and advertising methods of yesterday and the technological advances of tomorrow meet. Our approach relies on unique guidelines that create marketing and advertising messages that are processed differently according to life development stages.

Advertising to Baby Boomers and Seniors: Online Baby Boomer and Senior Marketing Made Easy
One thing that’s true, regardless of age, is that Internet marketing requires a long-term strategy that branches across social media and online platforms. It’s not enough to create a website and hope people will find you—you must actively seek and engage them every day.

Your product is unique—and so is your customer base. Our job is to find where those two intersect to create a personalized plan that will get you the results you need. Through a combined effort of creative search engine marketing, social media development, web conversion applications, mobile marketing and more, we are able to tailor an online marketing plan that works for you.

The Coming of Age Approach
Established in 1991, we practice Ageless Marketing and advertising and no one knows the Baby Boomer and senior generations quite like Coming of Age. Our Ageless Marketing and advertising approach relies on new and innovative insights into the workings of the brain—and all with the goal of reaching your desired customer base more effectively. We know their purchase motivators and values. We know where they look online and how they access social media. And more importantly—we know how to use this information to get you results.

Coming of Age offers you a chance to reach large and lucrative demographics online. Our effective and efficient online marketing and advertising strategies, motivating communication platforms and performance-based management options will secure the interest of Baby Boomer and senior customers. And, our approach provides you the best chance of turning that interest into a sale or other desired action.